The Full Story

My German mother and French father decided to move our whole family from Paris , where I was born, out to the beautiful Napa Valley where, at age 6, I learned to speak English. Later, I attended university in Madrid, did my undergraduate in Santa Barbara, and got my graduate degree in Paris. That's where I was fortunate to meet my amazing French husband and we raised our two kids in Burgundy, France. A few years ago, we moved back to California where, when we're not working, we love to spend time as a family and with our friends.

Those places exposed me to a lot of herbs, spices and rubs.

I love food. I love to cook tasty recipes but I enjoy watching others taste my cooking more than anything. I am consciously grateful that having lived in several different regions of Europe and the US has exposed me to so many different recipes, taste sensations, and gustatory experiences. 

At an early age, I've started analyzing cultural differences between countries: linguistic nuances, behavioral and social norms, educational patterns, as well as traditional or new customs. Even the ways we manifest our faith varies by country, inside the same faith. Whether speaking with life-long locals or with expats, such subjects are eye-opening topics of discussion for me. I find that habits around foods, wines, perfumes, music, weather and other sensory-oriented topics vary much more than we think culturally. Sometimes, even regionally. It's fascinating. 

Sharing a meal, exchanging, laughing, spending time with those we love. That's what I enjoy most. It's part of a healthy life-style. To this, add healthy ingredients, tasty recipes and good wines, I find that herbs, spices and rubs play an important part in making these valuable moments even better.

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